What Causes Kidney Stones

What is Kidney Stone?
A kidney stone is basically formed as a hard, stone-like crystalline mineral substance formed due to the salts and other minerals like calcium, sodium, phosphate, etc. inside the kidney. This condition is known as Nephrolithiasis. The size can vary from sugar crystal to a small ball.

What causes Kidney Stones:
Kidney stone can be caused by various factors responsible. Natural causes include gender is a factor responsible as in male are more susceptible than women. Those staying in hot and dry weather conditions are more likely to face kidney cancer. Mostly army men, soldiers are likely. Asians and Caucasians are more susceptible than the Americans and others. Hereditary, yes genes pass down the possibility of kidney stones down the generations. Also hereditary metabolic abnormalities can cause kidney stone. Also neurogenic bladder is known to increase the risk.
Pregnant women face high chances of getting kidney stones. Diabetes, high blood pressure patients are at a higher risk. Also those who have undergone some surgeries in the past,like Ostomy surgery or intestinal bypass can be a victim of kidney stones.
Past or present urinary tract infection and inflammatory bowel syndrome are responsible factors for increasing the risk of kidney stone in the patient.
Kidney stones also can be caused as a side effect of various medicines. The HIV treatment drug namely Oxycontin is known for this. As also medicines like diuretics, antacids with high calcium.
Some conditions like Gout, Hyperparathyroidism, renal tubular acidosis are known to cause kidney stones as also metabolic conditions like hypercalciuria, hyperoxaluria, cystinuria. The chemical disorders like high deposits of calcium, phosphate and oxalate or high amounts of uric acids, magnesium, ammonium, amino acids or cystine, low consumption of dietary calcium. Dietary and lifestyle factors are also responsible for formation of kidney stones. Low intake of water, high consumption of tofu, tea, coffee, beans, berries, oranges, sweet potatoes. High intake of oxalate. Rich foods like spinach, peanuts, rhubarb, wheat germ. High intake of fatty foods, low intake of fibrous foods. Last but not the least, over exertion and dehydration can also lead to kidney stone.