Medical Tourism

In recent years, cost of health care has acquired astronomical proportions especially in developed countries. Even in these nations ordinary citizens cannot afford to pay for the exorbitant hospital bills. As a result of ever escalating cost, patients and their relatives are increasingly preferring, developing countries for the health care services which are offered at fairly reasonable price. India is the most favored destination among European and Middle East clients.

Multi specialty corporate hospitals equipped with State of art technology and adequately trained and experienced health care specialists are developed across mega cities.Very polite,cooperative and sufficiently skilled Support staff are available in all these centers.

Major cities are well connected by air, rail and road to domestic and international destinations. Infrastructure, communication facilities and local transport are convenient to cater to international visitors. People are conversant with English language which is an added advantage.

More and more Indian super specialists and consultants trained in US, UK and Europe are returning to homeland since facilities and perks match with those of developed nations. Yet comprehensive health care and cost of living are within reach of ordinary patients coupled with easy Visa approvals and competitive travel costs.

Patients can stay here for longer period during convalescence under medical supervision and attending family member as well ambulatory patient can explore tourist sites. Rejuvenation therapy; Complimentary and Alternative Medicine such as – Ayurveda, Yog and Meditation; Herbal remedies and centers offering these are easily available, accessible and affordable.

Besides health tourism, India offers exotic places for eco-tours, spiritual tourism; archaeology, adventure and wildlife photography. This unique country of size of continent has everything a traveler wishes to explore and experience- the mighty Himalayas with snow capped mountain ranges full of high altitude mountain trekking and biking peaks and passes; cold and dry desert of Laddakh and Leh; Kashmir unparalleled paradise in this part of the world; Rajsthan proud of forts and fortresses with glorious history , valor and gallantry; long coast line interspersed with serene palm fringed beaches; prehistoric and early medieval famous caves and forts of Maharashtra– the land of Shivaji the Great and Ajanta , Verul; without forgetting symbol of eternal love the Taj and spiritual capital Varanasi. These are just a few of unending list of – spiritual, ecological, natural, archaeological, multicultural, multi-linguistic and multi-cuisine fabric of India. Not to forget Goa, the nostalgic costal paradise and Kerala the Gods own country; the hills and hill stations, wild life parks unique flora and fauna; and flavors of world famous spices.

Come one and all to this very warm and hospitable country where you will get health, happiness and peace in a contemporary ethos.-true preacher of “Atithi Devo Bhava” (Visitors are like God to us ) and “ Vasudhaiva Kutumbkam “ ( the Globe is family).